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Are you in need of a reliable partner for the execution of your survey in the Netherlands (in possible partnership with other partner agencies in other countries)? Market research agency Right Marktonderzoek can provide the insight that you need.


Right Marktonderzoek established in 1992 is a professional and personal full-service market research agency. We are passionate about surveys and always focus on quality. Our goal is to deliver reliable, clear and accessible survey results. Enthusiasm, a personal approach and enjoyment in our work are the key elements for all our team members.

Right Marktonderzoek (Right Marketresearch)
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Survey types

A survey starts with setting the questions that are often based on certain expectations (hypotheses) or ideas. Every company has its own specific information needs. Right has experience in executing a range of survey types to ensure the required insight can be provided:

  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Image survey
  • Name awareness survey
  • Website survey
  • Reader survey
  • Mail monitor
  • Exit survey
  • Communication survey
  • Mystery shopping
  • Need survey
  • Pretesting/posttesting
  • Omnibus survey

Method survey

We examine which method or combination of methods can be best deployed with regard to every survey request. Multiple factors influence this such as the target group, the sample size, the type of questions and the available budget. We apply the following survey methods:

Quantitative survey
(to obtain information in terms of figures: “x% is of the opinion that…”)

  • Written survey
  • Telephone survey
  • Face-to-face survey
  • Online survey

Qualitative survey (including participant acquisition)
(for obtaining in-depth information about opinions and arguments)

  • In-depth interviews
  • Group discussions


The results of a survey can be supplied to the customer in different ways. This can, for example, be in the shape of a data file, a table report, a text report or a PowerPoint report. A combination of these forms is also possible. We can also take charge of the presentation of the survey results.

Call center

Telephone field work takes place in our call centre within the boundaries of our own business premises. The advantage of this is that we can continuously monitor the progress and quality of the survey and that adjustments can be quickly implemented should this become necessary. Our professional call centre is equipped with modern facilities. As customer, you will be given the opportunity to watch and/or listen when we conduct interviews. This will ensure that you can form a better picture of the target group and the survey and you will gain insight into our working method.

We have an extensive interviewer database and broad experience with different types of telephone surveys. The interviewers are at least trained to a higher vocational level and we train and check on them ourselves. Right Marktonderzoek employs a field work supervisor. This field work supervisor is in close contact with both the project manager and the interviewers during each survey.

In short, Right Marktonderzoek has the knowledge, experience and correct facilities to also develop and carry out telephone surveys in a professional manner.


We would very much like the opportunity to make an appointment with you to go into greater detail about what we can mean to your organisation. You can reach us on telephone number (+0031) (0)38-4212185 or by e-mail:info@rightmarktonderzoek.nl. You can also complete the contact form. We will then contact you.

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